Friday, February 11, 2011

Cultivate a life together, not just a relationship

In time for St. Valentine's Day, Thomas Moore shares "The Anatomy of Love" for The Huffington Post. Moore fleshes out these five guidelines for love in his blog post:

1. Love your partner.
2. Deal with shadow elements.
3. Diffuse your sexuality.
4. Aim for friendship.
5. Make a life.

He concludes, "Plato said that love is a mania -- a good kind of madness that drives us crazy and yet makes a world. Ancient philosophers said that the same drive that draws us together keeps the planets in orbit. Our loves are large in scope and definitely deserve creative attention and constant devotion."

In Care of the Soul, Moore writes, "Does this mean that we need to be cured of this madness? Robert Burton in his massive self-help book of the seventeenth century, The Anatomy of Melancholy, says there is only one cure for the melancholic sickness of love: enter into it with abandon."

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