Thursday, June 17, 2010

Share The Guru of Golf with someone special

Read the Introduction to Thomas Moore's new book, The Guru of Golf, published by Hay House. On the Heal Your Life site, it is titled "Life Lessons on the Green: Staying the course in golf — and in everyday life."

Give The Guru of Golf to someone special this Father's Day and share this treat. Moore writes, "I don’t write stories aimed at offering moral or spiritual lessons. I like stories as stories. If they hold up on their own, I’m happy. I think games do teach us about life and beyond, and I hope these stories offer hints at some of the mysteries involved in the game of life. But most of all, I hope the stories are entertaining. All art, I assume, helps us appreciate the deep mysteries we confront every day, and in that sense all art is theological."

Visit Moore's public page on Facebook to join the discussion about this engaging collection of life's lessons.