Monday, January 03, 2011

Enter a draw to win Thomas Moore's new book

Comment about an excerpt from Thomas Moore's book, Care of the Soul in Medicine and enter a draw to win a copy. The winner of this give-away, sponsored by, will be announced 25 January 2011. The excerpt is from Moore's introduction (page xxiv) and includes:
"This book is about medicine treating the whole person and not just an organ or a body part. It considers what a whole person is: body, soul, spirit, and that person’s world. It re-visions medicine as a means of dealing with sickness by attending to the spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical needs of a patient. It imagines what a hospital might look like if it envisioned a whole person and understood the meaning of the phrase healing environment. It explores the calling of healers and tries to help patients navigate the medical world so as to be healed in their whole being."
A copy of Chapter 9 "Service to Huminity" is available online.

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