Saturday, January 16, 2010

Video features Moore talking about sense of home

Gregor Productions' three minute video on YouTube, Home: The Last Battleground features Thomas Moore talking about the importance of home in relation to soul. In addition to Moore, the video shows Carol Gregor, A. T. Mann and Erica Boucher.

On her site,, Carol Gregor writes, "The home is the last battleground. The private concerns of so many can be solved by the way designs and buildings support the health of the body and soul. It is not our knowledge but our thinking that needs to be examined. Any thought of separateness is dangerous and threatens health and wellness on many levels. The language of nature offers a rubric for redesigning thinking to move existing models towards the Laws of Connection. Architecture and the ancient sacred geometries used are a language of connection, philosophical and life changing."

Moore states our buildings not only make us sick, our buildings are sick.

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