Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Moore writes the preface for A Difference of One

A Difference of One
by Andrew Machon
Preface by Thomas Moore
Hardcover 240x210mm
96 pages
30 full colour images
ISBN 978-0-9558185-0-9

February 23, 2008 is the launch date for Dr. Andrew Machon’s publication, A Difference of One: rediscovering a loving and creative originality, at the Washington Gallery in Penarth, South Wales, UK.

According to the gallery's description, Andrew Machon is "a PhD scientist and psychotherapist specialising as a life and work coach. For over twenty years he has worked as an infrared photo artist. The medium of infrared sits outside the visible light spectrum so Andrew has to sense his images rather than see them. This allows him, he believes, to include in his images glimpses beneath the superficial and material mantle of everyday living and nature."

Thomas Moore contributes the preface, available on Andrew Machon’s site, for this new book of words and images.

Moore writes,
"Andrew Machon has a strong imaginal eye that looks at the world in a fresh and probing way. It is his images, so magnetic and stirring, so simple and yet so fresh, that draw me to his work. They show us what the world is and at the same time change it, giving it a new imaginal texture. We need this fresh imagination so that we don’t live in a stale universe of meaning. Life moves along, and our imagination has to keep pace.

There are inspiring images of nature in this book, but also chairs and manikins and ruins. Both nature and culture have a secret depth that can only be revealed by art and contemplation. Both natural objects and manufactured things have a soul, a mysterious depth that contains a secret vitality that we all need in order to be persons and personalities, subjects rather than objects."
Moore’s preface includes,
"A long tradition holds that art has powers of healing. If that is true, then this book should contribute to the healing of our troubled society. But how would this work, specifically and concretely? Readers could take time to contemplate the images and let the originality of the photographs make a slight change in vision. The artifice in the images, the fact that they have been “doctored” and processed, gives them the power to propose a new world. They may take you further into experience than you have ventured before, and that inward advance may be healing."
A Difference of One: rediscovering a loving and creative originality mirrors Machon's desire to provide "insight into the emergent and organic nature of individual and organisational change to foster how we work with change and discover its meaning."

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