Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thomas Moore's contributions in Parabola

Barque: Thomas Moore reader and supporter, Ken Blackham recently compiled a chronological list of Thomas Moore’s articles in Parabola magazine. Back issues may be ordered from the magazine site, or take this list while visiting your local library branch to peruse back copies. Many thanks, Ken.

Thomas Moore in Parabola Magazine
VOL. 08:2 Summer 1983: Animals
"Let the Creatures Be"
Psychologist James Hillman interviewed by Thomas Moore

VOL. 17:4 Winter 1992: Power and Energy
"The Planetary Powers" by Thomas Moore
Marsilio Ficino's views of astrological forces

VOL. 21:2 Summer 1996: The Soul
"The Soul's Religion" by Thomas Moore
Religion as--not versus--spirituality

VOL. 22:1 Spring 1997: Ways of Knowing
"Schooling Our Intelligence" by Thomas Moore
To meet the lesson of immediacy

VOL. 23:1 Spring 1998: Millennium
"On Memory and Numbers" by Thomas Moore
To keep count is to remember

VOL. 25:1 Spring 2000: Threshold
"Neither Here nor There" by Thomas Moore
Allies of transitional places

VOL. 27:3 Fall 2002: Grace
"The Marriage of Grace and Sweat" by Thomas Moore
An essential effort of transcendence

VOL. 28:3 Fall 2003: Chaos and Order
"A Hymn" by Thomas Moore
Honoring the positive attributes of disorder

VOL. 28:4 Winter 2003: Truth and Illusion
"Songs of Unforgetting" by Thomas Moore
Journeying beyond the river Lethe

VOL. 30:1 Spring 2005: Awakening
"What Do You See When You're Awake?"
Views from Martha Heyneman, Stephen Batchelor, Robert Aitken, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, Kate Wheeler, Marion Woodman, Thomas Moore, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Rabbi Rami Shapiro