Friday, July 13, 2007

What to do when a partner isn't ready to marry

For Beliefnet, Thomas Moore talks about disengaging when a partner isn’t ready for marriage. He tells the reader,
Many people in difficult marriages or going through divorce will tell you that they married before they were both ready. Timing is an important part of life.

Many studies have suggested that the maturity of the individuals in a marriage is a key factor in its success. You have to be ready as a person to enter the deep change that is marriage. Marriage is not just a living arrangement; it is a major turning point in life and a deeply mysterious third thing that arises when two people decide to enter into it. I suspect that many marriages fail because people don't understand how profound and mysterious it actually is.
His short anwer? Yes, move on and find someone else. Be the first to post a comment beside Moore's column or post a comment at Barque: Thomas Moore Forum.

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