Thursday, December 13, 2007

Events will celebrate mentor, James Hillman

The Imaginal Institute is hosting an online facilitated conversation, February 1 to March 27, 2008 to honour the work of Thomas Moore's colleague and mentor, psychologist James Hillman. A celebration is also planned for James Hillman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from the evening of June 19, 2008, until noon on June 22.

Promotional material for the June event includes,
"There will be dialogues and discussions on Hillmanean topics (no formal papers or lectures), a sharing of ideas, images and conversations in the midst of genial collegiality and friendship. James Hillman will be present along with his family, friends, colleagues, a group of archetypal authors, analysts, artists, poets and philosophers, including Hillman’s official biographer. There will also be a group of entertainers helping to make this event a very special gathering.

The event will correspond with the release of a book tentatively entitled Archetypal Psychologies: Reflections in honor of James Hillman, edited by Stanton Marlan, which celebrates Hillman's work and the influence it has had in informing numerous psychological perspectives. It is anticipated that many of the authors will be present at this gathering, which include David Miller, Ed Casey, Ginette Paris, Mary Watkins, Michael Adams, Wolfgang Giegerich, Stanton Marlan, Michael Sipiora, Noel Cobb, Glen Slater, Ron Schenk, Pat Berry, Lyn Cowan, Greg Mogenson, Nor Hall, Tom Kapacinskas, Thomas Moore, Robert Romanyshyn, Sanford Drob, Sylvester Wojtkowski, Paul Kugler, Kazuhiko Higuchi, Toshio Kawai, Dick Russell and Robbie Bosnak."
An online registration form for the June event is available at the bottom of the linked page.

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