Saturday, March 10, 2007

Column about growth through grief now online

Thomas Moore's column in Spiritualty and Health's January - February 2007 issue, Growing Through Grief, may be read online after free registration with the site. Moore talks about differences between soulful and spiritual approaches to the loss of loved ones, with examples of loss through death. His comments are also applicable to accepting, through imagining, other kinds of loss, such as those of friendship, intimacy, or love:
"Maybe the soul enlarges and deepens from the sheer room it takes to be sad and to nurse precious memories. Maybe it even makes sense for us to talk to our departed friends and somehow to keep up the relationships, without any bother from the intellect about how such a thing may or may not work or whether it's sentimental or self-deceptive."
Moore emphasizes a theme found in Dark Nights of the Soul: "You let life flow through you, making you more and more human."

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