Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dogs shouldn't be pegged with infidelity tag

For Beliefnet, Thomas Moore answers a question about betrayal and suggests the reader take "a more complex emotional position" when responding to her boyfriend’s actions. In his answer, Moore says,
"Don’t split the betrayer/betrayed pattern into you on one side, your partner on the other. Realize that you, too, could betray someone one day because of your passion or plans or because you can’t see any other way. Having a more complex emotional position like this can really help.

If, after all this, you discover that the particular person you’re with seems to have no interest in loyalty and faithfulness, be strong and find someone who is more mature and more prepared to settle into a lasting union. Wait for the kind of person you want. But while you wait, work on your life. Make it more interesting so that people will need some security from you and will be motivated to share the emotional power with you."
Dogs are known for their loyalty so it may be a misnomer for people who stray.