Monday, July 24, 2006

Sharing news that will affect your relationship

How would you respond if the person you’ve been dating seriously, for five months, tells you something that you wish had been shared sooner in your relationship? For, Thomas Moore answers the question posed by a 40-something divorcee.

Moore suggests,
"Solid, engaged, mature, and thoughtful love can surmount many challenging obstacles. You need a philosophy, some good ideas deeply developed with your partner, to get you through years of complicated situations. You can do it, but now is the time to establish the foundation . . .

Remember to take life as it presents itself, not as you might idealize it. Open your heart, but don't close off your intelligence and your ability to be critical. Trust wisely with loving acceptance and forceful attention. . ."
Readers respond to the situation and to Moore’s answer in the sidebar.

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