Saturday, December 10, 2005

Create an erotic life -- full of energy and passion

In his Relationships column for Beliefnet, Thomas Moore answers a question from a woman who fantasizes about sex with men other than her husband, even though she loves him and is happily married. Moore suggests she explore her feelings of guilt about these images and 'live erotically' within marriage. He says,
"Guilt is a kind of protection. Sometimes people feel guilty when they don't allow themselves to be guilty. I'm not suggesting that you go ahead and have an affair. I mean guilt about being yourself and paying attention to your own needs and desires. Sexual fantasy is often more about deep and broad desire than about having sex with another person ... Eroticism doesn't have to be sexual. You can be erotic -- energetic, full of passion, and seeking pleasure -- in everything you do."
Beliefnet encourages readers to post their own reactions beside Moore's response.

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