Thursday, November 10, 2005

Responding to love relationships at work

Thomas Moore answers a recent question about love and labour in his Relationships column for Beliefnet : Falling for a co-worker when corporate policies say "No". Moore considers characteristics of dilemmas and suggests the worker look at values guiding her life.
"This sense of being in a dilemma means two things: It may be only the beginning of a process, and it may require more probing and talking... The sense of being in a dilemma can blind you to alternatives, so I'd suggest that you break out of the dilemma altogether. Open yourself to alternatives. Honor your heart and honor your career hopes. Go for both with passion. I would bet that if you turn up the heat on the situation, a solution will appear."
Moore asks his own questions, suggesting that the staffer's answers will help her to decide what to do.

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