Friday, November 11, 2005

Lost Sutras of Jesus as trade paper edition

In January 2006 Ulysses Press is offering the first trade paper edition of The Lost Sutras of Jesus edited by Ray Riegert and Thomas Moore. The book has 152 pages with black and white photographs and maps.

From to the publisher: "The Lost Sutras of Jesus is a fascinating historical journey and spiritual quest into the heart of Jesus's teachings and the essence of Eastern religion. Around A.D. 640, Christian missionaries entered China from the west and had their message translated with a Taoist and Buddhist overlay. These sutras were eventually sealed in a cave, where they remained hidden for 900 years. The Lost Sutras of Jesus combines the amazing story of the writing, disappearance, and rediscovery of the sutras with an exploration of their message."

Read reactions to the initial publication in 2003.

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