Saturday, September 05, 2009

Moore muses in latest Resurgence magazine

Resurgence magazine's theme for September-October 2009 (no. 256) is Exploring Consciousness. Thomas Moore's regular feature, Deep Spirit, is titled "The Muse," with the subtitle "Recognising the other forms of consciousness at work in the world." Unfortunately, this column isn't available online.

In his welcome message, "Quantum Leap", editor Satish Kumar writes, "Consciousness is not merely a philosophical or scientific theory: it is a living reality. At this moment in time we need this realisation more than ever. We need to make a transition from an ego-centred worldview to an eco-centred worldview; from ignorant and wasteful ways of living to an elegant, simple and respectful way of living: transition from dependence on coal, nuclear and oil to a relationship with water, sun and soil; transition from a desire to control and dominate to an intention to relate, participate and celebrate. Crises and conflicts arise when we are out of touch with the reality of consciousness. Peace and prosperity prevail when we are alive to consciousness."

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