Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Read Care of the Soul excerpt about spirituality

The May 1993 issue of Psychology Today offers a long excerpt about spirituality from Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul. In it, Moore suggests,

"Just as the mind digests ideas and produces intelligence, the soul feeds on life and digests it, creating wisdom and character out of experience. Renaissance Neoplatonists said that the outer world serves as a means of deep spirituality and that the transformation of ordinary experience into the stuff of soul is all-important. If the link between life experience and deep imagination is inadequate, then we are left with a division between life and soul, and such a division will always manifest itself in symptoms."

Section titles in excerpt:
Psychological Modernism
Everyday Sacredness
Maintenance of the Holy

Three individual pages
One continuous page

The last paragraph states, "We have no idea yet of the positive contribution that could be made to us individually and socially by a more soulful religion and theology. Our culture in is need of theological reflection that does not advocate a particular tradition, but tends the soul's need for spiritual direction. In order to accomplish this goal, we must gradually bring soul back to religion."

Readers who enjoy Moore's Care of the Soul may want to read his The Soul's Religion next.

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