Thursday, January 08, 2009

Practise imaginative therapies for conflicts

Today, Thomas Moore adds the post "Therapy for World Politics" to his Psychology Today blog, Care of the Soul. He advocates that doctors and psychologists voice solutions to environmental degradation and world conflicts. After observing:
"One of our problems is that we are so numb to violence that we assume it is the natural way to deal with international conflicts. A first step toward sanity might be to imagine alternative strategies. I am aware that many groups of professionals are already working hard at such strategies, but if a fresh imagination were to come from the realm of psychology, it might have special effect."
Moore offers seven questions to groups considering alternatives. He concludes:
"Unless psychology engages these difficult questions of the real world, it is left with what Sandor Fereczi might label "masturbatory activities." We take pleasure in playing idly with our own toys and our own body of interests. It's time to break through the shell and take on the world with the insights of our profession."
Read Moore's post and contribute answers to his thoughtful questions.

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