Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moore's own work is topic of monthly column

Thomas Moore’s column in the March-April 2008 issue of Spirituality and Health is available online. Moore writes about "Finding Life at Work", the topic of his recent book. He begins,
"Life’s practical jokes: About three years ago I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when I received an invitation to speak to career counselors in San Francisco. It takes a lot to get me away from home, but I was beguiled by the man who invited me, and a few months later, there I was, speaking about work and career in the language of myth and alchemy to a very large audience of professionals. From their response, I quickly knew that going deeper into the roots of work would be a live issue.

What I didn’t know was that my own work life was about to go into crisis: I discovered that much of the money I had made on widely read books had vanished into some economic black hole. Then an editor asked me to recreate myself as a communicator, something I’ve never aspired to. Then the publication date of my next book was pushed off and off, and with no money coming in, I sought help and advice, and none was forthcoming. So in the midst of a work crisis, I wrote my new book, A Life at Work, exploring the confusion and anxiety I was experiencing.

The alchemical idea of work — work on your soul and your life — and the idea of work as a job are linked. All work has an aspect of calling, and sometimes the career or job you’ve had all your life isn’t the activity that defines you. You may find more meaning being a parent, traveling, volunteering, gardening, or playing a sport. Your life work may not be one thing but rather a mix. Work may change several times during your life, and many “jobs” may occupy you at one time. Whatever form work takes, you need the sense that what you’re doing makes life worth living."
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