Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moore offers module in new certificate program

Thomas Moore participates in a new certificate program, Certificate in Soul-Centered Counseling with Dan Leven, Leven Institute for Expressive Movement. This program consists of four 5-day workshops (3 with Dan Leven and 1 with Thomas Moore) at Kripalu Center and 8 weeks of distance learning following each workshop. The four modules constitute the full training program, or individual modules may be taken as a stand-alone course.

Thomas Moore's in-person module at Kripalu Center is:
Care of the Soul: for Healing Professionals and Those on a Healing Path,
29 November - 3 December 2015
"Care of the Soul workshop focuses on the narratives, bits of story, memory and images that underlie behavior. It goes beyond ego awareness to the heights of spirit and the depths of the soul. This approach requires an appreciation for the imaginal and the archetypal in the psyche. It’s guided by night dreams, and it takes life stories as fictions unveiling the deep themes that make up a person’s life. It asks for training that is both cultural — acquaintance with myth, art and spiritual traditions —  and personal, the ability to evoke the soul without any heroic ambitions.  
This workshop is exciting because of its depth and satisfying because it helps the professional discover his and her soul and find healing. Its purpose is not to become a manager of a person’s life but rather a master in guiding the soul."
The distance learning component of each module includes:
- Monthly group conference calls led by Dan Leven or Thomas Moore
- Weekly support exercises and readings
- Online group discussions of readings
- Reflection papers
- Individual support through faculty responses to reflection papers

Tuition for the full certificate program: $2900 ($1800 paid to Kripalu for the in-person modules and $1100 paid to LIFE Movement for the distance learning portion of the program).

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