Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Join Thomas Moore on retreat in Ireland this fall

Ireland’s Emmaus Centre hosts Thomas Moore’s retreat, Care Of Soul And Spirit from Friday 31 October to Wednesday 5 November 2014.
"Soul is the depth of experience that makes us human and fully in the world. Spirit allows us to transcend, reach toward the infinite, be endlessly creative and find meaning and purpose. This retreat speaks to both soul and spirit together and offers ways to live a life that is both deeply connected and pleasurable and at the same time sublime and profoundly religious or spiritual."
"The retreat consists of intensive morning dream work, one-hour sessions for the presentation and discussion of many themes in spirituality, archetypal psychology and mythology, and free time for personal reflection and community."

This retreat is available on a residential and non-residential basis.
Total Cost Residential: €450
Total Cost Non Residential: €310.00
Participants may also attend on a day basis. Cost per day is:
Friday or Wednesday: €35.00 per day.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday: €60 per day.
Retreat Time: Friday 7:00 p.m. to Wednesday 2.30 p.m.

Moore’s retreats are filled with “humour and hard personal work, support and challenge, rich traditional themes and new ideas… Thomas presents a fresh, depth approach to the spiritual that has nothing to do with self-denial, guilt or excessive purity. He offers a spirituality and a psychology of joy.”

Friday evening Seminar: Soulful Spirituality

Saturday: Dream Work; The Soul and Spirit; Living with Art and Dreams; Self-Therapy: Emotions, past experiences.

Sunday: Dream Workp A Religion of One’s Own; World spiritual traditions; Sexuality and Spirituality; Magic, Intuition and Inner Guidance.

Monday: Dream Work; Relationships as Soul-Making; Opus: The Alchemy of Work; the Mystery of Daphne.

Tuesday: Dream Work; C. G. Jung’s Way using Images; James Hillman’s Soul; Hermes the Holy Thief and Deceiver; A Soulful Life.

Wednesday: This half-day session, like all previous days, begins with Dream Work; Jesus the Epicurean; the Holy Fool. The afternoon closing session, Soulful Spirituality, concludes the retreat’s journey.

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The Emmaus Centre
Ennis Lane
County Dublin

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