Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moore assists Viridis Graduate Institute as trustee

Thomas Moore is a founding board trustee of Viridis Graduate Institute, International School of Ecopsychology. According to the institute's site, ecopsychology is "An interdisciplinary field of inquiry bridging the sciences and humanities and predicated on the evidence that humanity's well-being is integrated into the health and sustainability of all of nature." The institute offers online graduate programs supported by in-person sessions.

Moore's endorsement: "If you are a conscious, awake and participatory citizen today, you must be engaged in the preservation of our planet and its beautiful natural world. Viridis Graduate Institute stands out as an educational organization that appreciates both the ecological and the psychological dimensions involved in this effort."

VGI Partnership Model
VGI partners include and the Institute for Cultural Change with which Moore is affiliated as a member of its board of advisors.

Postal address:
Viridis Graduate Institute
PO Box 182
Carpinteria, CA
93014-0182 USA