Friday, May 04, 2012

New York Open Center sells Moore's talk of eros

The New York Open Center offers Thomas Moore's 1 April 2012 presentation,  The Path of Eros, as an audio download for $9.99 U.S. This edited file is 1 hour 13 minutes long.

The Path of Eros
"In early Greek religion, Eros was a god responsible for the creation of the world. In other words, eros is a creative principle in us. Eros includes sexuality, desire, pleasure, longing, connection, intimacy and love. We know that eros is difficult. Many have been brought up to fear it and repress it. For that reason alone it can be a portal to new vitality. Eros can lead us to the highest spiritual levels and to the sense that life is beautiful and worth living." From the linked page, listen to the free audio clip of Moore's introductory fish stories (2 minutes 20 seconds).
 The Open Center also offers an audio download of Thomas Moore's presentation Natural Magic: Using Your Hidden Powers for a More Effective Life, (2 hours) for $9.99 U.S., delivered 31 March 2012: "The magus of the European Renaissance saw art, music, and architecture as powerful tools for living, not just aesthetic entertainments. This was magia naturalis, natural magic, with its own resources and rules." This linked page provides a free (6.5 minutes) audio clip of Moore's introduction.