Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Enjoy a 1994 interview with Thomas Moore

Virginia Lee, a regular feature writer for Common Ground from 1992 to 2004 shares a 1994 interview with Thomas Moore conducted just after publication of his book, Soul Mates. Following a Q&A format, Moore answers general questions and those focused on relationships. In this interview, he talks about distinctions between soul and spirit and the role that adversity plays in life. He describes marriage as a relationship needed by the whole world:
"... What the ancients knew is that the whole world needs to be married. We need to get the Republicans and the Democrats married. We need to get the Blacks and the Whites married. We need to marry the intellect to the  body. We are surrounded by differences that need to appreciate each other and want to be together. Marriage is really a state of connectedness and co-operation.

We prepare for marriage by enriching our imagination. That way we can come to marriage with rich textures to weave our lives into the fabric of family life. Marriage is not all about interpersonal dynamics, a notion which tends to get us swamped. I think we could handle our emotions better if we saw marriage as something which holds the whole of life together. In that way, marriage is truly a service to humanity."
Moore also talks about friendship with his mentor, James Hillman:
"I think he’s truly the great genius of psychology in this country. I haven’t met anyone who has been able to apply such a free and original imagination to the whole history of imagination. He doesn’t treat psychology just as something scientific; he is equally devoted to philosophy and the arts. There is a a very profound education behind his work, which includes a healthy orientation to Jung‚ which I appreciate."
Moore writes about Hillman this week in his blog post "A Blue Fire" on his own site.

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