Sunday, July 31, 2011

Publisher says take The Guru of Golf on vacation

In its August newsletter, Hay House recommends Thomas Moore's The Guru of Golf and Other Stories about the Game of Life as one of its top ten books to take on vacation. It's No. 6 in the newsletter section "Get Your Vacation Groove On!":

"This one is mostly for the guys. You may be stuck attending a family reunion or vacationing at a cutesy bed and breakfast cottage that wasn’t your first choice for accommodations — but you know you’d rather be golfing! If you can’t make it to the tee, these amusing golf- related tales will keep your heart in the game — at least for now!"

These stories appeal to all genders. Moore even writes about women who golf. Check out the The Guru of Golf product information if you haven't already read this collection of short teaching stories, subtly crafted to make you smile. Caution: You may burst out laughing.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011 relaunches with new features

Thomas Moore relaunches his site, with a link to his March-April 2011 column, "Being a Spiritual Person", in Spirituality & Health magazine. In this piece, Moore shares:
"For me, there are three sources of a vital spirituality: First, know one religious tradition well, as in some way your own. I was born a Catholic and will always have that deep base. Second, learn many lessons and ideas from the inexhaustible resources of the many spiritual and religious traditions. Third, expand and deepen your spirituality in secular ways — through nature, the arts, philosophy, psychology, and science (without the secularism).

As a monk, I learned that work is prayer, that reading is a spiritual practice, and that fostering community in concrete ways is the heart of a spiritual way of life. I left the external monastic life behind, but I didn’t abandon these spiritual lessons. It isn’t that any work is automatically spiritual; you have to bend it toward contributing to humanity and protecting the natural world. Not all reading is spiritual; you can be selective, but I would include good novels on my list. And, as Buddhism teaches so well, community isn’t real unless it excludes no human nationality and no sentient beings."
Explore Moore's redesigned site and participate in his new Wordpress blog. (Comments are moderated.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New film's trailer includes Thomas Moore quote

Writing Without Paper's blog entry "People v The State of Illusion" introduces this new film with a quote by Thomas Moore from the film's trailer:

"It's often said that people are afraid of dying.
I think they're more afraid of living."
— Dr. Thomas Moore
The post names additional experts featured in the film and lets readers know it premieres in Scottsdale, Arizona, on 9 September 2011 and that film-based workshops are to be held in November in Scottsdale and in March 2012 in Hawaii. Read a 24 June 2011 Barque post  describing this new documentary that features Thomas Moore.